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A haven dedicated to the art of living and the pleasure of conviviality

experience some of the best restaurants in franciacorta

An explosion of taste and flavors

Founded as a haven dedicated to the art of living and the pleasure of conviviality, L’Albereta, still offers some of the best restaurants in Brescia and is a genuine temple of good taste thanks to its new restaurant LEONEFELICE VISTA LAGO and its stunning terrace overlooking the Lake Iseo. For those that wish to follow a strict calorie-controlled diet there is the Ristorante Benessere, where you can enjoy food that makes no compromises in terms of flavor. Flavors that will delight even the most demanding of palates. The Stanza54, with its warm, homely atmosphere, is the perfect place to relax in total privacy: to sip a nightcap detox Chenot, to read a good book, or to contemplate the landscape of the Franciacorta on one of its delightful terraces.
Welcomed in the most ancient rooms of this XIX villa, with beautiful frescos and Latin motti about the art of hospitality, our restaurant with view of Lake Iseo is the vibrant heart of the hotel.
LeoneFelice Vistalago
Sala Valentina - Ristorante Benessere
Reserved for guests enjoying treatments at the Espace Chenot Health Wellness SPA, Ristorante Benessere – Wellness Restaurant - offers a range of recipes created by Dominque Chenot designed to offer both balance and flavour.
Stanza54 at L’Albereta Hotel is a cozy and welcoming living room enjoyable at any time of the day to relax on comfortable sofas and taste the best Henri Chenot natural detox teas.
Greeneige Lounge
La Filiale
The kiosk La Filiale offers a unique dining experience that combines a menu entirely dedicated to Franco Pepe’s pizzas with outstanding wines from Franciacorta and beyond.
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.