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Chenot Method

Chenot Espace

Chenot Method

The Chenot Espace Health Wellness SPA at L'Albereta is a place of absolute wellbeing, where you can pamper yourself thoroughly. Even in its architecture, featuring a balance of full and empty spaces, with light and shade and water games, the Chenot Espace expresses the same search for harmony that animates its raison d'être. Chenot has developed a unique method resulting from over forty years in the business. Treatments designed to restore the body to its peak mental and physical wellbeing, using exclusive techniques for detoxinating and reactivating the energy channels and organic functions, tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Henri Chenot integrated health into wellness with a meaning of energy, efficiency, performance and vitality. He combined the latest scientific advances in Western medicine and diagnostics, with the best in Chinese healing and alternative medicines to create his revolutionary approach to promote wellness. We do not treat disease instead, we promote wellness with preventative and health-promoting actions. We act in a proactive way and not just from the repair point of view. We have a holistic vision of the body and thus we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to our method of work.
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Why go to the Chenot Espace Health Wellness Spa?

In numerous mental and physical states it is beneficial to undergo a series of treatments, like those you can find at the Chenot Espace Spa, to restore your health and regain lost vital energy.
Chenot is all about vitality.
Vitality is, by definition, the measure of your power of continuance of life.
It describes what we all strive for.
That state when you are full of life and energy – exuberant physical and emotional strength.
Vitality is achieved with our Chenot Method®.
We work with you to set positive new pathways which are fundamental to improving performance for a longer and more ‘vital’ life.

Organic regeneration
Prevention of physical and connective tissue disorders
Prevention of rapid ageing

Healt and prevention 
Improvement of general wellbeing
Optimal use of mental and physical fitness
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