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Carmen Moretti De Rosa

The real demiurge of Albereta's success

Born in 1968, Carmen Moretti has worked for the company founded by her father Vittorio Moretti in Erbusco, Franciacorta (Brescia), since the early 90’s. Her professional growth has come about in parallel with the development of the family business, now organised, as per the current trend, in a holding called Terra Moretti. Terra Moretti boasts 11 subsidiaries, concentrated in 3 main business sectors: industrial construction, wine, and extra-luxury hotels. In the current group structure, Carmen Moretti covers the following roles: Managing director of the hotel division of Terra Moretti, TerraMorettiResorts represented by the hotels L’Albereta, L’Andana and Casa Badiola; Head of communication strategies of the Holding Terra Moretti; Vice chairman of the Holding Terra Moretti.

Commitment and professional growth

Each of these roles is the result of a long period of training, undertaken following her high school graduation in languages and a Master’s in “Marketing and Business Management” at Ipsoa in Milan. Having completed her studies, for two years Carmen Moretti worked alongside the managing director in the sub-holding active in the industrial construction field, Moretti Industria delle Costruzioni. During this training period she came into contact with all sectors of the construction business, above all the financial and administrative areas, following the development of the real estate business which, in the meantime, was in the process of creating a division for the development of activities in the hotel and tourism sector.
Carmen Moretti De Rosa

Promote the Franciacorta territory

Indeed, in the second half of the 1970's, her father Vittorio Moretti had launched an important and courageous project to promote the Franciacorta territory, founding the first wine business in 1977 – the Bellavista winery, still one of the biggest names in the international wine production trade 30 years later – and developing a series of tourist-hotel activities around the project designed to attract an elite class of tourist to Franciacorta, able to appreciate the natural and cultural resources of a land traditionally known for its excellent wines. The Franciacorta Gold Club was opened in 1985 and the following year a private little club for food lovers became the present-day “Mongolfiera dei Sodi”. The development of these new businesses was now the responsibility of a new division that was increasingly becoming a genuine business sector. A sector that would prove to be of strategic importance for the growth of the entire group. Carmen Moretti continued her preparation with a further period of training at some of the most exclusive of hotels, where she gained on-the-job experience of how to administer, manage and promote a hotel that seeks to attract an international clientele that loves luxury and gourmet cuisine. Two individuals in particular would be prove to be valuable mentors to her in this world: famous chef Gualtiero Marchesi and Antonio Marson, then manager of the Splendido hotel in Portofino, where Carmen had spent a few months learning the ropes. Together with them she would open L’Albereta in 1993, beginning what would become her biggest commitment for the next 10 years: managing the development policies of the hotel sector in synergy with the potential attractiveness of the wine industry and the local territory.
Carmen Moretti De Rosa

Relais & Chateaux

Over these ten years L’Albereta became part of the exclusive French chain Relais & Chateaux and, thanks also to the reputation of Gualtiero Marchesi, Carmen Moretti was able to globalise the brand, identifying the best partners on the most promising markets for the luxury goods sector. On Luciano Pavarotti’s biggest tours, toasts were made with Franciacorta wine by Bellavista, and gala dinners were organised for actual and potential guests of the hotel in the most strategic cities for L’Albereta’s market.
“ The internationalisation process” – explains Carmen Moretti – “has been an important development and one in which my husband, Martino de Rosa, has played a crucial role. Having gained plenty of experience in naval brokerage, he brought a new, perhaps more aggressive business culture to our group, but certainly a successful one. Together with him I launched the group holding project, and we entrusted him with the strategies and the start-up of the La Badiola estate. We have also managed to keep our business and private lives separate, seeking to divide the different roles in a balanced way. The La Badiola farmhouse is an important chapter in our history, almost part of the family photo album ".
 -Carmen Moretti-
Thanks to this intense promotional activity, L’Albereta is now known at a global level, having boosted its appeal further in 2003 with the opening of the second Henri Chenot medical centre, following the one in Merano.
The success of this business model has seen the group attract the interest of some top-quality partners. And so, well-known chef-manager Alain Ducasse entered into a partnership with the Terra Moretti Group to open in Tuscany, in 2004, a resort, L’Andana, that reproduces in a single farmhouse - once the property of the Grand Duke of Tuscany - all the features that contributed to L’Albereta’s success: an exclusive hotel, the cuisine of a great chef, a golf course, wine made on the property and, not far away in Suvereto, the Petra winery, which Vittorio Moretti entrusted architect Mario Botta to design. Today Carmen Moretti is managing director of two resorts and involved in improving marketing and communications policies to ensure the growth and consolidation of a tourism model that bases it competitiveness on a single, distinguishing value: the landscape and, as such, the local territory, its culture, and its history.


With over 20 years of experience in real estate and hotel business, with L'Albereta in Franciacorta and L'Andana in Tuscany, and catering, alongside master chefs such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Alain Ducasse, Carmen Moretti and Martino de Rosa formalized with the company's development atCarmen their extraordinary expertise, internationally recognized.
Carmen Moretti De Rosa
LeoneFelice is only the last in order of time of the realities of success they have been able to achieve. Visionaries and forerunners of consumer trends in the high-end segment, Carmen Moretti for the hospitality industry and Martino de Rosa within the food & beverage, are already long pointers for entrepreneurs and investors, Italian and foreign, looking for partners of the highest reliability and authority to entrust the management of all aspects of business development in these areas: from the concept study, to human resources, from economic management to marketing and communications. AtCarmen today brings into the world a way of doing business throughout Italian, where intuition, style and management skills act in unison with the success.

AtCarmen is the main character in the whole food revolution at L'Albereta Relais & Chateaux.
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