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Traditional Easthetic Department

A range of treatments to preserve the beauty of your body

Our beauty salon provides professional services to perfect your look. Get that frizzy hair properly tamed, wax that excess hair, or discover the joy of a simple pedicure. Look good and feel great!
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Traditional Easthetic

Body Scrub
40 min. € 130.00
Micro-granules of salt and spirulina extract gently remove dead cells from the epidermis and stimulate natural skin renewal. Essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang restore natural balance and induce relaxation. The gentle "warm waves" produced by the water mattress pamper and envelop the body and mind. Benefits: Smooth, luminous, elastic and silky soft skin.

Aesthetics Manicure
minimum 50 min. € 40,00

With Nail Polish
minimum 50 min. € 50,00

French Manicure
minimum 50 min. € 50,00

Aesthetics Pedicure
minimum 50 min. € 60,00 

With Nail Polish Minimum
50 min. € 70,00

Hand Spa Treatment 
50 min. € 65,00

Following a scented skin-softening hand soak and delicate peeling with a smoothing effect, a leisurely anti- stress massage will nourish and soften the hands, wrists and arms. The nails are polished at the end of the treatment.

Foot Spa Treatment 
50 min. € 65,00

A relaxing foot bath to prepare the skin is followed by a natural deep cleansing peel. Your feet are now ready to enjoy the benefits of a nourishing and moisturising rebalancing mask. The nails are polished at the end of the treatment.

30 min. € 40,00

A paraffin treatment is ideal for treating joint inflammation; it falls into the category of thermotherapy treatments as it stimulates blood circulation. Benefits: Relieves muscle spasms, improves the elasticity of connective tissues.

Semi-permanent Nail Polish Application
30 min. € 60,00

Semi-permanent Nail Polish Removal Minimum
30 min. € 30,00

Depilation with Hot Wax
Arms 30 min. € 40.00
Full-leg + Bikini-Line 45 min. € 80.00
Half-Leg 30 min. € 40.00
Half-Leg + Bikini-Line 30 min. € 50.00
Underarm 20 min. € 30.00
Brazilian Bikini-Line 30 min. EUR 40.00
Full Bikini-Line 30 min. € 50.00
Moustache or Sideburns 20 min. € 20.00
Back Wax for Men 30 min. € 50.00
Chest Wax for Men 30 min. € 60.00

50 min. € 100,00

Semi-permanent and Permanent Make-Up (upon request)
Full Lip Shading € 500.00
Eyebrows € 500.00
Eye Liner – Upper € 500.00
Eye Liner – Upper and Lower € 500.00
Eyelash Thickening – Upper € 500.00
Eyelash Thickening - Upper and Lower € 500.00
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