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Human Performance Department

A series of evaluations for maintaining and improving the health status

To maintain health as we age is a very important aspect of our prevention strategy but also equally important is to enhance our performance in our daily tasks, at work and in our social life. For this reason, by measuring some of the impact that our lifestyle has on the quality of our cells’ regeneration, is possible to modify some of our choices and habits in order to maintain and enhance our health and performance in the years to come.
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Human Performance

Assessment of Cardio Respiratory Fitness 
60 min. € 180,00

This is an exercise test with sophisticated equipment that analyses breath by breath how well the heart, arteries, veins and lungs are able to work together to transport oxygen to the muscles. The results of this test provide useful information about your physiological response to exercise, identifies the possible risk factors associated with your health status and provides the base upon which a personalised fitness training programme can be prescribed to improve health, fitness level and weight loss for those in need.

Assessment of Resting Metabolic Rate 
30 min. € 150,00

This test accurately and instantaneously measures the body’s resting energy requirements. It identifies metabolism substrate utilization, allowing improved nutrition and evaluation of nutrition therapies, dietary plans and weight management. 

Postural and Movement Assessment 
50 min. € 160,00
Postural rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach to restoring correct posture. A therapist assesses any postural imbalances caused by accumulated tension and muscle contractures, and their skilled hands perform simple manoeuvres to ease bone, muscle and joint problems and relieve the body of functional blockages.
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