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Sport & Fitness Department

The ideal solution to keep fit on holiday

Energy, Fitness, Vitality: the Espace Chenot offers you an opportunity to unwind and exercise in top quality facilities with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis court and fitness centre. In addition to the full range of facilities, coaches are present at all times to design your personalised programme based on your needs to achieve the optimum level of physical fitness.

The Spa area will be available with a Turkish sauna, gym and the possibility of booking massages.
The fitness centre is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment by Techno-Gym.
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Sport & Fitness

Indoor Activities
Personal training
Yoga Pilates
Functional training  

Outdoor Activities
Nordic walking
Mountain biking

Price for Individual Lesson:
30 min € 60,00
45 min € 90,00
60 min € 105,00

Lesson for two or more people:
30 min. € 45,00 per person 
45 min. € 65,00 per person 
60 min. € 75,00 per person

Gravity Slim
25 min. € 90,00
5 sessions € 575,00
Gravityslim is a revolutionary exercise that leverages the combined effect of the enhanced gravity and the infrared light to increase metabolism, burn fat faster and improve skin tone on the most critical areas of the lower part of the body. The presence of a treadmill inside the capsule allows you to perform a low-intensity aerobic physical activity with enhanced gravity allowing the blood flow to reach thighs easily, hips and buttocks. Benefits: accumulated toxins are eliminated; it is possible to appreciate a loss of localized fat and a reduction of cellulite.

Daily Entrance
€ 50,00
Swimming pool with 5 different types of hydromassage, counter-current swimming, sauna, steam bath.  
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.