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La Bottega di Mariella

The Secret Corner the L’Albereta

An intimate space with delicate tones, the name Mariella is dedicated to the extraordinary woman who has been at Vittorio Moretti’s side since ever. La Bottega di Mariella is a little treasure chest in which nestle and have fun discovering precious objects, the result of a search that spans everywhere.
La Bottega di Mariella
Giovanna Tedeschi manages it with extraordinary expertise and passion by, a great fashion and luxury expert. A luxury that can be recognized in a thousand little details: the artisanship of a cashmere, the perfect cut of a dress, the many suggestions of a fragrance created by an extraordinary "Nose", the uniqueness of a handmade jewel. Her research does not know boundaries and collects the best that the world can offer in this secret corner of L'Albereta.

Terra Moretti Group wines

La Bottega di Mariella is the only space where you can directly buy Terra Moretti Group wines: Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, Petra and Tenuta La Badiola. In addition, in La Bottega di Mariella, you will find an absolute rarity: the Vigna Leone, a chardonnay in purity of a rare elegance, produced by L'Albereta's private vineyard and vinified by Bellavista. Unavailable elsewhere, because it is not on the market, is the sincerest souvenir of L'Albereta.
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