The Albereta lies in the heart of Italy’s loveliest lake district, with its magnificent colours and fascinating history. Lakes Maggiore, Garda, Como and Iseo are the largest, but the Lombardy region is dotted all over with lakes of all sizes and depths.

Since time immemorial, these lakes have aroused the wonder of generations of visitors from Northern Europe, who have come here and been captivated by their charm.

The lakes of Lombardy were dubbed a corner of paradise by 19th and 20th century travellers from abroad who, having crossed the mountain passes, were left speechless by splendid Mediterranean vistas of fig-trees, palms, bougainvillaea and lemon-trees.

Today, though times and much else have changed, these lakes have lost nothing of their fascination. Thanks to the beautiful landscape and a particularly mild climate, they still arouse a sense of amazement in those who travel to this lovely area.

On the banks of these scenic lakes lie picturesque ancient villages, many on stretches of land delimited by rugged promontories.

There is no lack of postcard views, with flower-decked balconies, Italian gardens and nobles’ villas reflected  in the water.

A synaesthesia of colours, smells and sounds that is truly unforgettable.

As elsewhere in Italy, the artistic and environmental heritage of these lakes is enhanced by a unique variety of culinary delights and fine wines, all eager to be enjoyed.