Each of L’Albereta’s 19 suites boasts its own history, enriched over time, shaped by the harmonious silence of a nature that almost seems to envelop these places in a protective embrace.

An history moulded into a space so strong and certain of its extraordinary power to not be afraid of canceling any interruption between internal and external.

To such a degree that, in the most romantic of suites, all you need do is press a button and, as if by magic, the ceiling opens up and welcomes the stars into the room whilst the moon peeps out to wish you sweet dreams.

An history, hidden in each of L’Albereta’s elegant suites, that reveals itself only to its guests, even if they stay just for a few nights, allowing itself to be discovered bit by bit, enchanting its inhabitants and binding them to it forever.

A fragrance, almost, barely perceptible, that day after day becomes ever more familiar to the point that you miss it when it is no longer there. And so the need to come back to these places, and lose yourself there once again,  becomes increasingly pressing.

Every suite is a world unto itself, where nothing is common. Rather, everything is extraordinary. And totally original.