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a meat dish with eggs and white asparagus at the Leone Felice restaurant at L' Alberetainteriors of the Leone Felice restaurant at L' Albereta: quiet atmosphere with soft lights and lighted candles for a fabulous dinner accompanied by a selection of fine winesl Leone Felice restaurant seen from outside in the eveningsoft cuttlefish prepared by  Fabio Abbattista, the chef of the restaurant Leone Felice at L' AlberetaFabio Abbattista chef at the restaurant Leone Felice at L' Alberetathe chef's table, a table inside the kitchen of the Leone Felice, where guests can eat a six-course menu created by the chef free hand; assisting in the front row at the work of the kitchenthe luxurious dining hall of the Leone Felice, restaurant of L' Albereta in Franciacort.

Restaurant LeoneFelice

Opened in 2014, LeoneFelice is a refined restaurant, with a contemporary décor made of the best Italian design. The Executive Chef Fabio Abbattista proposes a cuisine based on the excellence of ingredients, most of which come directly from the hill where L'Albereta is located: here are bred exquisite chickens and rabbits, while vegetables, aromatic herbs and fruits are produced by the family vegetable garden and picked up every day by the kitchen team.

The cuisine of Fabio Abbattista proposes the childhood flavours, exalting them with contemporary technique and combinations.

The name of the restaurant is a tribute to the old guardian and gardener, Leone. He has always taken care of this house and garden with love and joy.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday - 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Tel. +39 030 7762603

“Leone Felice” will be closed for renovation to date to be defined.

Recipe of our Chef Fabio Easter Lunch Menu Easter BBQ

LeoneFelice Chef's Table

A special and unforgettable experience, dedicated to those  who wish to discover what really happens behind the scenes of a restaurant considered among the most important examples of Italian wine and food scenario.

A private table in the vibrant hearth of the kitchen of LeoneFelice, alongside the Chef Fabio Abbattista, indicated as one of the most talented promises of Italian cuisine and selected by Identità Golose for representing the contemporary Italian cusiine at Expo 2015.

To choose to dine at the Chef's Table del LeoneFelice means to taste a sensorial experience trough a 6 courses menu created for you by The Chef Fabio Abbattista and while seeing, from first row, the brigade going fervently about their work. The Chef Fabio Abbattista will accompany you  personally during this experience, telling you about the specific features of each small producer he selected, the secrets of each recipe and the inspiration and story held in each dish.

The Chef's Table of LeoneFelice can accomodate from 2 to 8 people and the 6-courses menu (130 euro per persona, wines excluded) will be a personal and free creation of the Chef Fabio Abbattista.

For information and reservations:
Tel. +39 030 7760550 -

La Riserva del Leone

La Riserva del Leone is a new feature introduced in the heart of the LeoneFelice restaurant opened just under a year ago at L'Albereta, the Relais and Chateaux hotel run by Carmen Moretti de Rosa in Franciacorta.

This space is a further development of the new project by Martino de Rosa. In partnership with the consultancy firm atCarmen he has given the restaurant concept of this historic Relais & Chateaux hotel a completely new and contemporary redesign, giving birth to two complementary establishments: the informal VistaLago Bistro and the gastro-restaurantLeoneFelice, both overseen by Head Chef Fabio Abbattista.

La Riserva del Leone is a new place in direct contact with the kitchen - thanks to the attentive eye of a video camera that allows diners to watch the chefs as they work - but also characterised by a sophisticated intimacy, designed to host private dinners, tasting evenings and very exclusive work meetings.

The name, La Riserva del Leone, contains many semantic allusions to an idea of sophisticated seclusion and protection. It also encapsulates the concept of the rarity of a special vintage of exceptional quality or other coveted gastronomic delicacies eaten only on special occasions. The reference to "Leone" is shared with the LeoneFelice restaurant, dedicated to the gardener who once looked after the hotel's garden, and this, together with the word "Riserva", evokes thoughts and memories of journeys to distant countries.

The project's interior design is the work of architect Valentina Moretti, who together with clients Carmen Moretti and Martino de Rosa has created a warm space, with a "domestic" feel. La Riserva del Leone evokes the sophisticated dining rooms of yesteryear, with a special place for table service collections for special occasions, silverware candelabras, and the library. However, the overall effect of symmetry and square spaces is harmonious and contemporary.

The kitchen

This space is in perfect harmony with Head Chef Fabio Abbattista's new menu, which seems an almost site-specific creation for this room.

One year after the LeoneFelice restaurant opened, Fabio Abbattista declared a culinary evolution towards a style that was both "vertical", strongly rooted in tradition and regional Italian and Franciacorta products, and "horizontal", broadening his horizons by exploring ingredients used in other countries around the world. He complemented this evolution by continual experimentation with ancient and modern cooking styles and techniques, creating an extraordinary mix of tradition and innovation whilst retaining a constant focus on healthy eating and the nutritional qualities of the dishes.

This culinary style is characterised by meetings and dialogues, both between Italy and the rest of the world and between memory and innovation, with no space for discordant notes or strong contrasts. This rounded and empathetic culinary style focuses on the quality and nutritional values of each ingredient, aiming to seek out and ensure quality, health and pleasurable eating.

A Healthy Italian Pleasure.

For information and reservations:
Tel. +39 030 7760550 -


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