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the Greeneige Lounge, a comfortable lounge where you can relax and drink herbal teasL' Albereta view from outside; on the terrace some lighted candles give a romantic atmospherea Metabolic Booster herbal tea made by Chenot in the Greeneige Lounge of L' Alberetain the Greeneige Lounge comfortable lounge where you can relax at Alberetaarmchairs and coffee tables for a quiet sitting in the Greeneige Lounge at L' Alberetamarble coffee tables in the Greeneige Lounge at L'Albereta

GREENEIGE LOUNGE: an intimate and cozy lounge at L’Albereta Hotel

The Greeneige Lounge of L’Albereta Hotel is a cozy and welcoming living room enjoyable at any time of the day to relax on comfortable sofas and taste the best Henri Chenot natural detox teas.

Natural nuances, from turtledove to beige to ancient rose, velvety materials, wrap-around volumes.

Every corner is a small world itself, where to find the right atmosphere for a romantic encounter or to meet with friends for a sincere conversation. In the large library, you can find all kinds of texts, like narrative, poetry, architecture, art, and much more.

There is a fireplace for cold winter evenings.

Three romantic terraces and scented hanging gardens overlooking Franciacorta wrap the Greeneige Lounge of L'Albereta Relais.

Open daily from 11am to 11pm


Explore every corner of L'Albereta and let yourself be tempted by its magical atmosphere.

    Validity: until 22 April 2019
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