Run baby run!

We run with you.
And we build your sports program with health professionals
of movement and nutrition.

In shape! Physical and mental.
To achieve long-lasting weight loss goals and improve health inside and out.
Performance in a sports discipline for professionals and non-professionals.

We have an exceptional consultancy in store for you provided with the head of the preventive and sports sector Dr. Massimo Messina and by a highly qualified and competent team of doctors, dieticians, osteopaths, therapists and personal trainers.
The proposed program is characterized by this careful personalization of specific programs, defined after a series of check-ups and complete medical evaluations aimed at improving the knowledge of one's own body in order to be able to maximize it.

For who?
People with low physical activity.
Sedentary people who want to improve muscle tone.
People who are not overweight but who want to recover the ideal level of form.
People who perform regular physical activity and who wish to improve
new training techniques.
People who because of work or unhealthy habits have neglected the ideal posture and want to recover it, to stretch the muscles after prolonged periods of stress.
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.