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Day SPA in Franciacorta


A whole day dedicated to wellbeing

The Espace Chenot has come up with a day spa offer for those who lack the time to get away for several days or who feel the need to escape from the frenetic pace of daily life and relax in total wellbeing. The program features a series of individualized treatments covering a whole day in Franciacorta, the purpose being to purify, prepare, revitalize and regenerate the body as a whole. Treat yourself to a whole day devoted entirely to pampering yourself. The team of experts at Espace Chenot will show you how, in a single day, you can rediscover the pleasure of renewed mental and physical equilibrium with a carefree mind and stress-free body. A break providing intense wellbeing and sublime pleasure. Purified and remodelled, your body will be resplendent, as will your soul, delighted to have rediscovered itself and reflecting pure joy.

DAY SPA programme in our resort in Franciacorta

For those who feel the need to escape for a day in the luxurious SPA of our resort in Franciacorta or want to follow a programme on a day-to-day basis because they lack the time to get away for several days.  
Bio Light Lunch
1 Chenot Energizing massage of tendon and muscle tissue
1 Hydro-Aromatherapy with Hydro Massage
1 Phyto-Mud Therapy
1 Filiform Shower
Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna and steam bath with colour therapy.

Price: € 300.00 per person  
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.