Key Elements of the Treatment


The detox menu proposed by Espace Chenot, the result of decades of experience, is designed to induce deep purification of the tissues and is based on natural food of mainly vegetable origin, with reduced gluten content and a hypoallergenic effect that restores the balance of body functions. The biolight menu features wholesome, well-balanced food prepared using healthy methods that preserve the nutritional properties and are served in “wellbeing portions”.


The treatment regime is constantly monitored by the medical team at Espace Chenot, who make a careful assessment of the state of health of each guest on arrival, which involves the following:

Assessment of the degree of toxicemia

A questionnaire and a specific medical examination determine the degree of intoxination of the body, the main cause of overweight and numerous other disorders and diseases.

Assessment of body composition

The subject’s physical structure is examined in terms of lean and fat body mass, body water and basal metabolism, allowing the team to develop a personal diet regime to follow after treatment.

Bio-energy check-up

Specific instruments are used to determine the efficiency of the body’s vital functions and energy flows along the channels which, according to the principles of Chinese medicine, traverse the body.

Assessment of the degree of oxidative stress

Oxidative stress measures the imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s anti-oxidative defences. The high degree of cellular stress due to free radicals is one of the factors that cause organic intoxication and rapid body ageing.

In the presence of certain disorders, the medical team at the Espace Chenot proceeds according to the principles of functional medicine, which considers not only the disorder itself, but also the general picture that may determine it.


Energetic treatment

Sophisticated equipment is used to measure and locate bioelectric variations to the skin at specific points. These points are then stimulated to reinforce the body and restore its natural balance.

Hydro-energetic therapy

The purpose is to re-establish correct fluid circulation in the body. The treatment takes place in three stages:

1. Hydro-aromatherapy

A special hydro-massage technique with the addition of essential oils and mother tinctures.  Changes in water temperature and pressure as well as the action of plant extracts have a beneficial effect on capillary vasodilation  and vasoconstriction.

Benefits: provides a fundamental benefit for capillary vessels and peripheral blood circulation. Draining and detoxinating effect. Helps eliminate toxins and fats deposited in the tissues. Stimulating and tonifying effect, reinforcing the natural physiological functions, combating and protecting against damage caused by ageing.

2. Phyto-mud therapy

The soft, pleasant-feeling mud packs are enriched with pure micro-algae, white or green clay, pure essential oils and mother tinctures.

Benefits: Draining and detoxinating, stimulating and revitalizing. Eliminates stress as well as mental and physical tension in the nerves and muscles.

3. Hydrojet

During this third and last stage of the treatment, a jet of water is directed onto specific parts of the body to restore energy and vitality.

Benefits: tones and firms up the body.

Energetic tendon-muscle massage

Performed by hand and using special instruments capable of releasing energy blocks, this method acts on the tissues of muscles and tendons, tonifying and regenerating them.

Benefits: draining and detoxinating action. Revitalizing. Stimulating and regenerating. Energizing.

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