SPA Espace Chenot

“I had always refused to create another Espace anywhere other than in Merano. Until the day when two worlds met –  Spazio Chenot and Terra Moretti – where the Albereta hotel is concealed. I was seduced by creativeness, the desire to grow, to perfect, to discover new horizons, yet also by simplicity, by the ability to listen to others that characterises the Morettis. My wife, Dominique, and I decided to create a new way of pampering ourselves, in order to achieve a natural beauty enabling us to rediscover harmony without gimmicks, what gives us light.

Henri Chenot

Espace Chenot Health Wellness SPA at the Albereta is a place of absolute wellbeing,  where you can pamper yourself thoroughly, based on a rigorous method rooted in the principles of medicine that can restore the body to its peak mental and physical condition. 

Espace Chenot is one of Chenot’s only two medical & wellness spas in Italy, with a 30-strong team of highly qualified doctors, therapists, dieticians, osteopaths, beauticians, and of course receptionists and welcoming team.

Designed by architect and AD Italia director Ettore Mocchetti, Espace Chenot expresses in its architecture – a balance of full and empty spaces, with light and shade and water games – the same search for harmony that animates his raison d’être.

His balance of shapes represents the mental and physical equilibrium that can be achieved here, where you can purify the body and restore forgotten energy and vitality, a regained equilibrium leading naturally to a new and luminous beauty.

At Espace Chenot, peace and quiet reign supreme. Everywhere natural light is moulded as if to protect this 2.000 sq. m. space, which is separated into two levels. First comes the reception area, featuring soft shapes and curved lines that invite you to relax and let all the tension ebb away.

Next is an area with more decisive lines and volumes that is devoted to medical analysis, with areas for energy tests and diet assessments.

Symmetrically opposite reception is the herb tea area, which serves each day a different selection of tisanes with draining and antioxidant properties.

Suffused with natural light thanks to a zenith skylight, it extends into the park with treatment booths, allowing complete privacy and direct contact with nature, thereby maximising the effects of the therapy. 

The ground-floor area, which leads straight out into the park where large contemporary sculptures are arranged, is devoted to water treatments and water fitness.

The main feature is a vast pool with counter-current swimming and five different types of hydromassage, and next to it the sauna and Turkish bath and aromatherapy facilities.

There is also a spacious gym with latest-generation Technogym equipment and a lovely bow-window overlooking the garden, where a session on the treadmill is equivalent to a run in among the holm oaks and cypresses in the park.

Last but not least, right in the heart of this delightful place, is a circular area set aside for hydrotherapy, and phyto-mud and  hydrojet treatment.

A hidden refuge, a maternal womb, giving new life in this temple of wellbeing and beauty.

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