Restaurants in Verona

One Michelin star. A society drawing-room par excellence. Everything from the elegant dining room to the kitchen reflects the character of chef Elia Rizzo, a special blend of tradition and innovation, shapes and flavours.

7, Via Dietro San Sebastiano, 37121 VERONA
Tel.  045 595358
Closed on Sundays and Mondays. Open Monday evenings in July, August and December.


One Michelin star.  This lovely restaurant can be found in one of the oldest parts of Verona, just round the corner from the Teatro Romano and Ponte Pietra. It has been open for over 200 years, beating most local records.  Here and there are signs of its lengthy life, enriched by the passion for food and antiques displayed by the Tapparini family, the owners since 1984.
The restaurant serves creatively prepared fish and meat dishes and boasts an extensive wine list.

3, Portichetti Fontanelle Santo Stefano, 37129 VERONA
Tel. 045 913305
Closed on Sundays and at lunchtime on Mondays

One of Italy's truly historic restaurants of ancient tradition, with a distinctive name [lit. Twelve Apostles] referring to 12 merchant friends who used to meet there. Restoration work unearthed some medieval relics, which are now on display in the wine cellar. The restaurant serves traditional dishes from Verona and Venice, as well as an interesting selection of wines.

3, Vicolo Corticella San Marco,  Verona
Tel. 045 596999
Closed on Sunday evenings and all day Monday

In a little street in the old town centre is one of Verona’s oldest restaurants. The walls are decorated with wood panelling and numerous photographs from bygone days. Cuisine focuses on local specialities, including an excellent selection of hams and cheeses.

5, Via Regina D'Ungheria,  37121 Verona
Tel.  045 8030537
Closed on Sundays and at lunchtime on Mondays

Genuine Veronese cuisine in a traditional yet elegant setting. Main specialities: risotto with Amarone wine, braised meat steeped in Amarone, and pastisada de caval. Excellent selection of labels from one of Italy’s best stocked wine cellars.

3, Vicolo Scudo di Francia, Verona
Tel. 045 8004535
Closed on Tuesdays