Restaurants in Milan

The Total Cuisine aimed by Gualtiero Marchesi, made by excellent ingredients, precision, essentiality and gesture, is come back to Milan since 2008. The Teatro Alla Scala Il Marchesino Restaurant projected by Ettore Mocchetti architect, is the ideal place from breakfast to after theatre, linking the pleasure of taste to music.
Piazza della Scala, angolo dei Filodrammatici 2, 20121 Milan
Tel. 02 72094338

Two Michelin stars for this modern, essential and rational  restaurant. Not only the dining room but also the kitchen, where inspiration and experimentation know no bounds.

4, Via V. Hugo,  20123 Milan
Tel.  02 876774
Closed at lunchtime on Saturdays (all day Saturday from June to August), Sundays,  and at lunchtime on Mondays.

Two Michelin stars. In a lovely palazzo, the lift takes diners up to a spacious modern room overlooking the famous square. Hard at work in the kitchen is one of Italy’s most promising talents.

5, Piazza della Scala, 20121 Milan
Tel. 02 80688201
Closed at lunchtime on Saturdays and all day Sunday

One of Milan’s most unusual restaurants specializing in vegetarian dishes, with a few fish recipes for intellectuals – a journey through the fantastic world of cooking.

18, Via Panfilo Castaldi , 20124 Milan
Tel.  02 29521224
Closed at lunchtime on Saturdays and all day Sunday

One Michelin star. Affordable prices and quality cooking confirm the skills of the young chef. Traditional dishes from Lombardy and other regions of Italy are served in plainly-decorated, unpretentious  rooms.

18, Via Magenta , 20010 San Pietro all’Olmo (MI)
Closed on Sundays and Mondays