Restaurants in Franciacorta

There could hardly be a more appropriate name for a restaurant  [lit. Bread and Wine Larder]  in Franciacorta, offering the absolute best of new Italian cuisine, wines and baked products. Fine cuisine is the natural showcase for renowned products. Creativeness and a desire to experiment enabling known ingredients to be presented in a different guise. The head chef is Vittorio Fusari.  Anyone seeking to discover what this restaurant has to offer will enter a world  of delicious dishes and noble ingredients. The adjoining winery has over 200 varieties for tasting, as well as local produce, which is also available for purchase.

Torbiato di Adro, via Principe Umberto (Brescia)
Tel 030 7450757

A gourmet’s heaven located in an ancient farmhouse recently renovated - precisely why it has been awarded a Michelin star. In the kitchen is Stefano Cerveni who has inherited a lengthy tradition. In the nineteen-fifties his grandmother Elvira ran an inn of the same name just round the corner. It is she who passed on her culinary skills to the young chef. His passion, though, comes straight from the heart and goes into each dish he creates. Sentiment becomes substance: experience becomes consistency. Lots of things of enjoy, one mouthful at a time. Stefano’s philosophy is based on two guiding principles: prime ingredients and genuine recipes.

Via Foresti, 13 25046 Borgonato di Cortefranca (Brescia)
Tel 030 9828227
Fax 030 9848772
Closed on Sunday evenings and Mondays

Everything is cosy and rustic in this early 20th century hostelry, from the tables to the wine counter to the strictly Brescian cuisine, featuring pasta and beans, tripe, stewed beef and boiled meats. Always ranked highly in the main guides, the Villetta is regularly frequented by gourmets from all over. Maurizio Rossi, the owner, has done miracles to create a restaurant reminiscent of times gone by.  Just round the corner from the railway station in Palazzolo, this little restaurant still has plain recipes, tables and prices from the past. The only modern feature is the extensive wine list.

104, Via Marconi,  25036 Palazzolo S/O (BS)
Tel. 030 7401899
Closed on Sundays and Mondays, and Tuesday evenings.

Located in delightful natural surroundings in the verdant heart of vine-carpeted Franciacorta, the Dossello is ideal for fine dinning in a cosy atmosphere. Only prime ingredients are used and the dishes are presented at a standard worthy of a Veronelli guide. Serves excellent fish, as well as meat and vegetarian specialities. One of the main attractions is dining on the top floor of the tower - a romantic candle-lit dinner with your own waiter for a mere 20 euros extra. When the weather is fine, you can dine al fresco, enjoying a lovely view of the vineyards of Franciacorta.

Via per Monterotondo, 24 25050 Provaglio d'Iseo (Brescia)
Tel 030 984575
Fax  030 9881262
Closed on Tuesdays

An informal family-run restaurant right in the heart in the old town centre. Surprisingly good cuisine, ranging from classic local dishes to creative inventions.

Via Mirolte, 25049 Iseo (BS)
Tel. 030 981462 - Fax 030 981470
Closed on Wednesdays and at lunchtime on Thursdays

Located by the harbour in Clusane. Specializes in dishes featuring fresh fish from the lake, such as spaghetti with shrimps and classic baked tench served with polenta.

Porto dei Pescatori, 12 25040 Clusane (Brescia)
Tel / Fax 0309829090
Closed on Wednesdays

This delightful trattoria just round the corner from Clusane harbour has just been refurbished. The lovely outdoor pergola provides privacy and welcome shade in  summer months. The menu features fish from the lake in a variety of dishes ranging from starters to main courses. Other specialities include beef carpaccio, ravioli with bagoss cheese filling and fillet of rabbit.

Via San Rocco, 16 Clusane (Brescia)
Tel / Fax 030 9829206 
Closed on Tuesdays 

An elegant yet informal restaurant deep in the Brescian countryside. Owner Nadia works in the kitchen, preparing mainly fish dishes with dedication and passion.

15, Via Campagna,  25030 Castrezzato (BS)
Tel. 030 7040634
Closed from  1st -12th January, in August and on Mondays
Closed at lunchtime except for Sundays and public holidays

The Italian Hostelry Guide lists this trattoria due to the variety of wines on offer, referring to it as a “good-cheese restaurant”. Over one hundred years old, it is still faithful to ancient hostelry tradition.

Via Cantine, 1025038 Rovato (Brescia)
Tel 030 7240150                                   
Closed on Wednesdays

This winery-cum-restaurant is located in the centre of Rovato adjacent to the remains of a 15th century castle. With its homely ambiance, it is one of the town's oldest restaurants, in operation since the 1800s. The dishes are plain yet prepared with extreme care. The menu offers traditional first courses, such as tripe, soup and vegetable risotto, and tasty main courses typical of the Brescia area, including stewed beef, spare ribs with cabbage, and baked shin of pork or veal, depending of course on the season. The wine list is truly notable. The winery is justly proud of  its collection of over 350 wines from all over the world.

8, Via Orti, 25038 Rovato (BS)
Tel.  030 723027
Closed on Tuesdays

This country restaurant of Lombardy is run by the young Silvestri siblings, Nicola and Flavia. It opened in 2003, and just one year later was awarded a Michelin star - the only case in the entire history of food and wine guides.

Via del Perosino 38, 25046 Cazzago San Martino (Brescia)
Tel / Fax 030 7759944

A cosy hostelry in Pontoglio with an improbable name [lit. Old Larry], christened by its American-basketball-loving owner, Mario Brescianini. The menu is several pages long, all written out by hand and featuring cuts of meat from the best known local butchers - Franco Cazzamali from Romanengo, Motta from Inzago, and Dario Cecchini. Each cut is cooked to the guest’s exact specifications. The restaurant also offers a selection of carefully dressed cold meats, as well as cheeses selected by Mario’s father, who once had a cheese stall at the market.  In short, this old hostelry boasts genuine ingredients and fresh produce as well as a wide range of wines and liqueurs.

2, Piazzetta Manenti, 25037 Pontoglio (BS)
Tel. 030 7376708
Closed on Mondays