Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore was the birthplace of the renowned Borromeo family, which had numerous residences built here, many still bearing witness to their prestigious name, with magnificent palaces on the islands, prized Italian gardens and the imposing Rocca di Angera.

The lake is best enjoyed from the lake - and from the lake you get the feeling that time has stopped still.

The best examples are the monastery of Santa Caterina clinging to the rock, Stresa and the tiny Borromeo islands steeped in history, and the Cannero castles, ancient hideouts of the Mazzarditi brothers, notorious pirates from the Verbano area. 

A vast historical and artistic heritage of villas, castles and archaeological sites, proving that the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, holy routes and religious sites inviting us to retrace the steps of the Medieval pilgrims.

A wealth of treasures that have long attracted famous visitors, including  Goethe,  Stendhal, Fogazzaro and Manzoni.