Cremona is a jewel of art set in an area of great simplicity yet deep humanity. It offers visitors one of Italy's loveliest medieval squares, where the elegance of the cathedral contrasts with the austere beauty of the town hall and Palazzo Podestà.

Its beauty is enhanced by its famous 100m tower, churches, tiny streets, ever-present brick-red colouring and lengthy violin-making tradition. For Cremona music is the main expression of its peerless craftsmanship and glorious past, which lives on in the Stradivarius Museum, which any tour of the town cannot fail to take in.

The entire province is a splendid tourist attraction full of works of art and itineraries for visitors of any age, taking in fortifications, museums, nougat tasting sessions and fine cuisine, all dating back many centuries.

Cremona lies in the heart of the Po plain, separating Lombardy from Emilia Romagna, and as such it is characterized by two opposing mentalities - one hard-working and shy, the other worldly and broad-minded. yet  both closely linked to rural life while engaging in cultural interests.

Anyone driving across the plain will immediately realize how important local customs still are here, especially the ritual of preparing traditional specialities, from  the unusually sweet Cremona tortelli to the famous nougat, which features in numerous events that draw to the town each year hordes of tourists with a sweet tooth.