Cities of Art

Italy boasts a wealth of towns that are treasure troves of history, art, culture and tradition. L’Albereta  lies half-way along a scenic east-to-west route that links North Italy’s most fascinating towns.

It is well worth taking time out to discover them, one by one, in a sort of Grand Tour of pleasure in the third millennium.

Brescia is a town of a thousand faces that has combined the beauty of nature and the skill of man.

Bergamo is renowned for being divided into the old “upper town”, steeped in history and art, and the modern, dynamic  "lower town", both lying in the refreshing green setting of the Park of the Hills.

Milan, the international capital of fashion and design, also has a historic, artistic and culture heritage of extraordinary beauty.

Cremona, the home of nougat, is also known as the “city of violins” as there are numerous workshops here that still turn out handmade instruments using the same technique adopted by one of the town most famous sons, Stradivarius.

Mantua, with its three lakes and magical atmosphere, appears suspended between sky and earth. The birthplace of Virgil, Mantua jealously guards its important historic and artistic heritage, created thanks to the patronage of the Gonzaga family, and has earned itself the appellation “little Athens”.

Verona, besides its worldwide renown as the town where Shakespeare set its tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet, is the city of opera par excellence. The Roman amphitheatre in the heart of the town,  the famous Arena, stages the world’s greatest open-air opera season in the summer months.

Last but not least comes Venice, undoubtedly one of the world’s most magical cities, completely enveloped  by its magnificent lagoon.  Long famed as the city of lovers,  its narrow streets, little squares, alleyways and bridges still give it a magical aura.

A guide who is also an expert in the history of art will lead you to discover all these hidden marvels.

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They can also arrange anything you need to help you enjoy your discovery of the many fascinating cities of art in North Italy.