Sculpture Park

Created to celebrate the third millennium, the Parco delle Sculture is a genuine open-air museum where thirteen contemporary art sculptures wind their way across 61,000 hectares of parkland, from L’Albereta to the nearby “Bellavista” and “Contadi Castaldi” wineries, in an intriguing dialogue with nature.

Open to the general public on the first Sunday of every month upon booking, this park was created following the International Third Millennium Sculpture Award organised and sponsored by the Terra Moretti Group and supported by the Ministry of Heritage, with the aim to mark this momentous changeover by prizing the talent of young artists.

In fact, Terra Moretti gave sculptors of under 30 from all over the world the chance to see produced in large-scale a work that expressed the new Millennium’s sense of beginning, in a spirit of belief and hope for the future.

Ten winners were selected from the numerous sketches presented to the jury presided over by Prof. Paul Restany and made up of a number of famous names from the world of art and culture, and their creations produced by the Award association.

Permanently installed on Terra Moretti land, the effect of the sculptures has been to design, through art and imagination, a landscape already sculpted by man’s work.

The jury awarded the first prize to “Fiori di pietra” by Lecce’s Salvatore Sava, second place to Japanese Maki Nakamura’s “My Inside”, and third place to “La casa orizzontale” by Giorgio Spiller from Veneto.

The other works that made it to the final, recognised with ex aequo awards, were: “Porte del Pensiero” by Simon Benetton from Veneto, “Piccolo Mausoleo all’uomo” by Mario Costantini from Abruzzo, “ChromOculus” by American Ray King, “Dodici Angeli” by Pole Dorata Koziara, “Eco” by Parma’s Giancarlo Marchese, “Memore-illusion” by France’s Nissim Merkado, and “Mater Amabilis” by Giuseppe Rivadossi of Brescia.

This works were also joined in the park by the sculptures “Polifonia” and “Afrodite” by Albanian Ilmi Kasemi and “La Bagnante” by Brescia’s Giuseppe Bergomi, all three highly appreciated for their artistic qualities.

The Sculpture Park thus represents an important artistic treasure donated for good to the
Franciacorta territory, as well as a tribute to the creativity and freedom of man, who is able to transform nature and space with his talent, technique and imagination.